Electric Avenue CE Course (4hours)


This course is offered virtually by ZOOM.  To register for this class, pick a date, sign the enrollment agreement, complete the registration form, and make payment.**This course can only be taken once in a two year licensure period.**
Course #23236 and Provider #1175

Product Description

Instructor: Chris Curtis

Electrical defects and unsafe wiring throughout the history of construction have been the cause of countless fires, injuries, and deaths.  In this four hour class you will learn the basics of electrical components, including service entrances, meters, safety requirements and branch wiring, as well as common wiring problems found during home inspections so you can help keep your clients safe in their homes.

Electric Avenue CE Course is offered virtually by ZOOM (see dates above).
A few days before class, you will receive an email with the ZOOM link and further instructions.

Class Begins: 8:00am EST (must be on time)
Class Ends: 12:00pm EST

*break every hour

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