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Enrollment Agreement

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    All About Home Inspecting, a limited liability company with its primary place of business at 67 Windsong Court, Taylorsville, KY 40071.

    With consideration of the class, educational opportunities, trainings, credits, and related services provided and/or offered by All About Home Inspecting, and the mutual benefits to be derived and the mutual covenants given herein and other good and valuable consideration acknowledged and received, I hereby agree with All About Home Inspecting as follows:

    1.All About Home Inspecting. The term “All About Home Inspecting” as used in this Agreement shall include All About Home Inspecting, LLC and each and every instructor, employee, owner, member, other student, agent and representative of All About Home Inspecting.
    2.Tuition Fees. I agree to pay All About Home Inspecting tuition for my respective course selection(s):
    __ $1,400.00 Pre-Licensing Course (64 hours)
    __ $100.00 Inside Out CE Course (5 hours)
    __ $120.00 Fire and Ice CE Course (6 hours)
    __ $80.00 Electric Avenue CE Course (4 hours)
    __ $80.00 Plumb Perfect CE Course (4 hours)
    __ $120.00 Kentucky Law and Report Writing Course (6 hours)
    __ $60.00 Brick by Brick CE Course (3 hours)
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